Oxford Quantum Circuits, a world leader in Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS), on March 14 announced a partnership with Equinix, a world-class digital infrastructure company, to make its next-generation system available to companies around the world through Equinix’s TY11 data center in Tokyo!

OQC intends to leverage Equinix’s on-demand interconnect solution, Equinix Fabric, to give companies and organizations access to its Quantum Computing as a Service on Equinix’s global platform in late 2023.

Once connected to Equinix Fabric, companies will benefit from the ease of accessing quantum computing as if it were on-premises, meaning they can try and experience this innovative technology by connecting directly to QCaaS within their own digital infrastructure with greater security and ease.

Growing demand from organizations is expected, with the technology set to support a wide range of industries, from drug discovery and development to security, from banking to advanced manufacturing.

Equinix Fabric is an on-demand interconnect solution in which customers can quickly create a private connection for enterprise workloads, whether they are in a private data center, an International Business Exchange (IBX) facility or at a major cloud provider. In addition, Equinix Fabric offers higher, low-latency throughput performance for customers, enabling them to move data efficiently between any of these secure endpoints.

image credit: OQC

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