The Quantum Computing Lab is a new initiative by Cineca with the aim to investigate and develop Quantum Computing tools for information processing and computation.

The emergence of Quantum Computing (QC) is leading to a radical paradigm shift in the approach to computation exploiting the principles of quantum mechanics. It has the potential to address and solve several classes of problems that cannot be treated with classical techniques with the current supercomputers.

The goals of the project:

  • Study, assess and monitor the progress of this state-of-the-art, promising technology fostering interactions between QC experts.
  • Test the applicability of the numerous quantum devices currently available by developing algorithms capable of addressing problems of great interest, such as optimization, chemical simulations and Machine Learning
  • Develop hybrid protocols where Quantum Computing is used as a support and accelerator for Cineca’s HPC Systems
  • Facilitate the discussion between universities, research centers and private parties interested in QC applications.
  • Support research by providing access to quantum computational resources and facilities made available to researchers.
  • Assist companies in their pivotal efforts to initiate the QC transition 
  • Stimulate both the HPC and QC communities through a series of conferences, educational courses and technical reports on the usage of the latest QC softwares and hardwares.