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HPC and Quantum Computing
A winning combination

Throughout his decades of history, CINECA has been always providing the state-of-the-art High Performance Computing solutions. In order to meet this target to its highest standard, CINECA keeps track meticulously of the latest advances in the field of emerging technologies. The surge in the application of quantum computing technologies has also led to a fruitful relationship with HPC resources, pioneering the way to a radical paradigm shift in computational techniques. CINECA is ready to face these computational challenges and drive this process.

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A continuous technological flow

Quantum computing has truly revolutionised the core aspects of computation by replacing the concept of a binary logic unit, the classical bit, with a new building block exhibiting a quantum mechanical behaviour, notably the qubit. From theoretical arguments, this striking conceptual difference could lead to an exponential enhancement of the computational power of quantum machines with respect to traditional computers. The design of quantum computers delivering this boost in performance is one of the core aspects of the current research in the field.

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A pivotal initiative
The "HPC and Quantum Computing "
annual conference series

In 2018, CINECA inaugurated the first edition of the conference series "HPC and Quantum Computing " held on a yearly basis thereafter. The aim of this conference has been to present the current status and the key advances in the field of quantum computing. In recent years world leading experts and prominent academic figures have contributed to the success of this initiative together with the cutting-edge hi-tech companies operating in the quantum computing domain.

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The Project

The Quantum Computing Lab is a new initiative by Cineca with the aim to investigate and develop Quantum Computing tools for information processing and computation.

The emergence of Quantum Computing (QC) is leading to a radical paradigm shift in the approach to computation exploiting the principles of quantum mechanics. It has the potential to address and solve several classes of problems that cannot be treated with classical techniques with the current supercomputers.


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