The research fellowship sponsored by the University of Bologna is part of an industrial project of the italian PNRR National Research Center in High Performance Computing, Big Data and Quantum Computing, in collaboration with the University of Padova, Thales Alenia Space and Leonardo SpA on:

Solutions of combinatorial optimization problems on neutral atom quantum machines, with applications to aerospace and telecommunications

The project aims at  determining, among the many available, the best quantum approach to increase the performance of algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems, with applications to aerospace and telecommunications.

The main objective is to achieve a better understanding of the potential advantage that different Quantum Computing paradigms could bring to the optimization problems of Satellite Mission Planning and Antenna Management.

In particular, it will be investigated the mapping of the current QUBO formulation onto different platforms where connectivity is not constrained, such as Ions and Neutral Atoms machines.

The consortium will also benefit from the possibility of testing the proposed solutions on a neutral atom machine, which is expected to be available in mid-2025 at CINECA Quantum Computing Lab.

Plan of Activities:

  • Ising and QUBO Hamiltonian formulation of the problem
  • Simulations of the problems via Cloud Platforms for Quantum Computers
  • Benchmarking of the solution on a Neutral Atoms machine

The deadline for registration is January 31!

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