Uk Integrated Review 2

The UK government has identified quantum technologies as a top priority for the next decade and explained this goal in its National Quantum Strategy published March 14. In this spirit, it released a 10-year strategy, backed by £2.5 billion in public funding, with a promise to support the UK quantum computing industry through the establishment of new research centers and the implementation of regulatory work on the technology.

The move also includes efforts to target private investment and a new quantum skills program to develop specialized profiles to work in what is expected to become a multibillion-dollar industry.

In addition, the government will launch new quantum doctoral training centers and fellowships, develop industry placement and apprenticeship programs, and proactively seek to attract skilled people to the UK.

The £2.5 billion funding will be distributed over 10 years starting in 2024, doubling the £1 billion committed under the last quantum strategy.

The hope is that through public and private investment, including the government spending millions directly on quantum hardware and software, there will be benefits for the economy, society and national security.

Efforts will also be made to sign bilateral agreements on quantum collaboration with five other countries, in addition to the one already in place with the United States, and to support companies working in the field to attract investment and talent.

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