German-Australian quantum hardware and software company Quantum Brilliance announced Feb. 2 the launch of the Qristal software suite. It is a tool that enables researchers to develop and test new algorithms designed specifically for quantum accelerators. Within the suite, there is Qristal Emulator, a quantum emulator that allows users to set the number of qubits needed to outperform classical computers in hybrid classical-quantum applications.

With full integration of C++ and CUDA capabilities, Qristal users will be able to create high-performance software by testing realistic models of Quantum Brilliance’s diamond-based quantum accelerators. Qristal also supports embedded software development and will soon incorporate support for Nvidia’s QODA, making it a versatile solution for quantum computing research.

In addition, the software uses MPI, the global standard for large-scale parallel computing, to enable exploration of the potential applications of parallelized room-temperature quantum accelerators in high-performance computing implementations.

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