PsiQuantum announced on March 6 the opening of a UK-based advanced research and development facility at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) laboratory in Daresbury, northwest England. This project is supported by a £9 million grant from the U.K. government’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and gives PsiQuantum access to one of the largest liquid helium cryogenic facilities (about -270 °C) in Europe.

This partnership will provide quantum computing subsystems with the highest cryogenic cooling power deployed to date, representing an important step toward large-scale quantum computers capable of solving commercially relevant problems.

PsiQuantum’s error-corrected photonic devices operate at temperatures a few degrees above absolute zero. Although cool, the operating temperature is hundreds of times warmer than the milli-Kelvin order required by many other quantum computing technologies, thus circumventing the unprecedented challenge of developing large-scale milli-Kelvin dilution refrigeration.

The collaboration with STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory will increase PsiQuantum’s cryogenic capabilities 100-fold, with individual cryogenic modules capable of providing 100W of cooling power at liquid helium temperatures. In addition to supporting larger arrays of quantum chips, this additional cooling power will enable PsiQuantum to implement energy-intensive functions essential for scaling up quantum computers, including chip-to-chip networking and integrated control electronics.

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