Origin Quantum, a Chinese quantum computer startup, has sold its first commercial device, called Wuyuan, equipped with 24 qubits .

China thus joins Canada, the United States and Europe in having its own commercial quantum offering. Wuyuan is based on a superconducting chip.

According to the South China Morning Post, state media reported that the company sold its quantum computer to an unnamed customer about a year ago.

Company officials describe the Wuyuan as the country’s first “practical quantum computer.” It is not considered the first quantum computer built in China, but rather the first one developed for commercial use. Previous quantum computers in China were destined for academic uses and are among the devices that have set records in providing much faster solutions than classical computers, so-called “quantum supremacy.”

Since the sale of Wuyuan dates back more than a year, it is almost certain that Origin has more advanced versions of its system ready for commercial use. The company indicates that the next system, called Wukong, will be available soon.

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