A Quandela-led research team reports that they have developed a general-purpose quantum computing processor based on single photon.
They demonstrated for the first time, a 6-qubit photonic quantum computing reconfigurable platform.

The new processor combines a high-efficiency quantum-dot single-photon source with a reconfigurable chip hosting a universal linear optical network. The team leveraged a machine-learned transpilation process – converting code written in one programming language into another language – to effectively compensate for circuit imperfections, and finally reducing computing errors .

This advance paves the way for remote-controlled computations using logic gates or direct photonic operations, according to the researchers.

In addition to gate-based computation, the researchers also showcased the device’s capability for photon-native computation. They implemented a classifier algorithm utilizing a three-photon-based quantum neural network. Furthermore, they demonstrated a six-photon Boson Sampling on a fully universal reconfigurable integrated circuit, marking a significant step forward in quantum computing capabilities.

They reports for the first time on the on-chip generation of a 3-photon entangled state, chiamato GHZ state, which represents a fundamental resource for large scale measurement based photonic quantum computing.

According to the researchers, this 3-photon entanglement generation is a crucial milestone towards the realization of measurement-based quantum computing..

This user-ready, general-purpose quantum computing processor signifies a major leap forward in the field and places Quandela among the few providers of cloud based digital quantum computing.

The research team included researchers from Quandela and the Centre for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, Université Paris-Saclay.

Pre-print server ArXiv: