After a year and half in the making, Cineca is proud to present the Joint White Paper on the European Quantum Computing & Simulation Infrastructure, written together with the High-Performance (HP) and Quantum Computing communities.

The document offers a consensus position on how a convergence between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Quantum Computing and Simulation can be achieved, laying down the path for the advent of a new generation of hybrid machines that have the potential to outperform classical supercomputers for problems of industrial and societal relevance.

Download the full document here.

EuroQCS: European Quantum Computing & Simulation Infrastructure, D. Binosi, T. Calarco, G. Colin de Verdière, S. Corni, A. Garcia-Saez, M.P. Johansson, V. Kannan, N. Katz, I. Kerenidis, J.I. Latorre, Th. Lippert, R. Mengoni, K. Michielsen, J.P. Nominé, Y. Omar, P. Öster, D. Ottaviani, M. Schulz, L. Tarruell.