5-7 October 2021

Great announcements by D-WAVE during the QUBITS 2021 conference, which started October 5th 2021 at 4:30 pm (CET).

First of all, the manufacturer of the most famous (and unique) quantum annealers in the world has announced its intention to start producing “gate model” quantum computers capable of implementing any type of quantum algorithm.

For the moment, D-Wave says that the project foresees a “complete synergy between the gate model and quantum annealing” and that the futuristic machine will use a new type of qubits (based on superconducting technology anyway).

A passage of the conference.

To the inevitable question “when will we be able to use this new technology?” no certain answer was given, but they are confident to make huge progresses over the next few years.

During the same presentation, D-Wave also presented a new hybrid solver capable of handling optimization constraints in a very efficient way (CQM, constrained quadratic model solver) and a new performance update for Advantage (as it happened for the “low noise” version of the DWAVE2000Q), significantly increasing its computing power (the new Advantage can embed complete graphs up to 177 nodes, against the 124 of the “old” Advantage).

Furthermore, in 2022-2023, a new annealing device will be available, with a QPU composed of more than 7000 qubits and an average degree of connectivity equal to 20.

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