In recent years, the hybrid approach is emerging as the best way to use currently available quantum computers, also called NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) computers.

In these hybrid algorithms, part of the computation takes place in the Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) of the NISQ computer while another part of the algorithm is performed by traditional computers or by High Performance Computing (HPC) systems.

Such hybrid direction is precisely the one that the main European computing centers are taking through the European HPCQS project, which aims at creating a European ecosystem of quantum computers connected to the main supercomputers in Europe. The main objective will be to limit the latency of hybrid algorithms and further investigate the potential arising from the combination of high-performance computing and quantum computing.

Within HPCQS, CINECA will participate in the creation of various use cases, making its Quantum Computing and High-Performance Computing skills available and also providing access to its HPC infrastructures and software for the emulation of quantum systems.

More info on the official HPCQS website