Relatore: Sara Cacciapuoti (Università di Napoli – Federico II)


To fully unleash the ultimate vision of the quantum revolution, it is necessary to design and to deploy the Quantum Internet. The goal is to wire multiple quantum devices via a quantum network to build up a virtual quantum computer constituted by a number of qubits that scales with the number of interconnected devices. This, in turn, implies an exponential speed-up of the quantum computing power, by utilizing only a linear amount of physical resources. But the Quantum Internet is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. Phenomena with no counterpart in classical communication networks, such as no-cloning, quantum measurement, entanglement and teleporting, impose breakthrough constraints for the network design. As a consequence, the design of the Quantum Internet requires a major network-paradigm shift and a multidisciplinary effort to harness the quantum mechanics specificities. This talk aims at shedding light on the challenges and the open problems of the Quantum Internet design from a communication engineering perspective. It also provides some perspectives on the agenda towards the Quantum Internet development.