Relatore: Michele Campisi, CNR


The field of quantum computation has been so far fuelled by the quest for computational quantum advance, while energetic aspects have been so far mostly ignored. These are, in our view, of great relevance for the  future of quantum technologies. Is there an energetic quantum advance? Can quantum computers themselves help gaining a deeper understanding of energy management at the quantum level? In an effort to address these and similar questions, our research focuses on the energetics and thermodynamics  of quantum systems and devices. I will illustrate our results pertaining to the quantification of heat exchanges and entropy production in a quantum annealer (DWave) [1,2], and our employment of the IBM quantum experience to perform fundamental experimental research in quantum thermodynamics [3].  

[1] L. Buffoni, M. Campisi, Thermodynamics of a Quantum Annealer, Quantum Science and Technology, 5 035013 (2020) 
[2] M. Campisi, L. Buffoni, Improved bound on entropy production in a quantum annealer, Phys. Rev. E 104, L022102 (2021) 
[3] A. Solfanelli, A. Santini, M. Campisi, Experimental verification of fluctuation theorems with a quantum computer, PRX quantum 2 , 030353 (2021)